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You’ve done the research; you’ve found the best deal, the account that’s the perfect fit for your financial needs and wants- YES!! It’s now time to get that account opened, but…

  • The bank is on the other side of town
  • The bank is 400 miles away
  • You work the same hours the bank is open
  • You would have to take your kids in the bank with you 
  • You can’t fit one more ‘to do’ item on your already overflowing list
  • And so on…

You’re not alone, and we have a solution for you! Apply for an account online in less than 10 minutes from wherever you are- whenever!

You’re busy, we get it, but we don’t want you to miss out on great deals like the BIG DEAL® checking and savings accounts or CD specials anymore- Seriously, you’ve missed enough interest already! Stop missing out and open an account online today! We’ve bettered our online account opening tool (we’ve been opening accounts online since 2013) and can’t wait for you to experience it- and earn a $200 Welcome Bonus*!

New features include-

  • Ability to open all consumer checking and saving account types- our old platform could only be used to open our BIG DEAL® checking and savings accounts
  • Scan your drivers license or attach a picture of it to autofill your identification information and avoid having to submit it later
  • Open select CDs online and fund them electronically
  • Skip the same old identifying information when opening an additional account by opening it directly through your online banking
  • Quicker access to Online Banking upon approval

To learn more about what you will need to open account, visit our ‘Open a Checking Account in 7 Easy Steps’ blog- or click here and start earning more now!


Tracey Hoefert

Tracey Hoefert
Retail Services Manager 




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