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Brella (Previously Shazam Bolt$)

Add another layer of protection for your debit card with Brella. Free for any Frontier Bank MasterCard® debit card, Brella can stop debit card fraud in its tracks with transaction alerts and more controls for your debit card.

App Benefits Include:

  • Receive a variety of transaction alerts (exceeded a specified dollar amount, transactions initiated over the phone, online or outside of the U.S., etc.)
  • Receive suspected fraud alerts
  • Temporarily block future transactions on a card in the event your card is misplaced
  • View balance information for a debit card’s primary account
  • And more!

Ready to stop fraud in its tracks?

Enroll online through the Brella website, or download the free Brella Card Manager App today!

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Overdraft Protection

Get the peace of mind you deserve with overdraft protection. We offer two different options to help you avoid costly overdraft fees. See how they both work!

  • Frontier Bank Savings account
    • Link a Frontier Bank Business savings account to your Business Checking account and available funds will automatically transfer to your checking if an item comes through for more than what is available in your checking
    • Contact a Customer Service Representative for questions or to link a savings to your Frontier Bank checking
  • Operating Line of Credit
    • If an item comes through for more than what’s available in your Frontier Bank checking account, your operating line of credit automatically advances available funds in increments of $100 to cover the items, without even charging a transfer fee.
    • Contact a Frontier Bank banker to apply for an operating line of credit today.

Video Tellers (Previously ITMs)

Frontier Bank video tellers combine the convenience of an ATM with the personal service from a familiar and knowledgeable Frontier Bank representative using live video technology. An easy, personal and convenient way for customers to bank on their schedule.

How is a video teller different from an ATM?
Each time you use a video teller you will be connected with a teller to have a face-to-face conversation as you conduct your transaction. In addition, video tellers allow you to conduct more transactions than an ATM, including deposits, withdrawals, account transfers, loan payments and more!

Will the video teller replace employees?
Video tellers are an extension of our people and not a replacement for them. The video teller is fully operated by a live person on the other end and is there to help you as you conduct your transaction without losing the personal touch that we all value so much.

How do I use a video teller?
Simply touch the 'Start' button on the screen and a Frontier Bank teller will appear to assist you with your transaction. Once connected, you will be able to see and speak with a live person that can easily walk you through your transaction

Will my conversation be private?
Yes, Frontier Bank video tellers offer a number of ways that you can maintain privacy as you conduct your transaction. Walk-Up video tellers have handsets available. Drive-Up video tellers provide you the option to adjust the volume on the speakers or plug in your own headset. You can also utilize the chat feature on the screen to type messages or scan a written message on a piece of paper for the teller to read. Your privacy is important to us and video tellers allow you the flexibility to choose how you communicate with a teller.

What hours will video tellers be available?
Video tellers are open from 7AM-6PM Monday through Friday. In addition, video tellers are open from 9AM-12PM on Saturdays.

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