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Financial Planning

Developing a financial plan is the core of what we do at our firm. We work with a wide variety of clients – everyone from high net worth investors to those who are just starting out. Our advisors will work with each person to design a plan that begins with evaluating your current situation and ends with a clear plan to help you reach your goals.

Asset Management

We believe in low-cost, simple investment plans in an industry of near-limitless complexity. You will know exactly where and why your money is being invested.

Risk Management

Risk management is one of the central tenets of our investment process and something we will discuss in most meetings. By knowing your own risk tolerance and the amount of risk in your portfolio before we experience a drop in the market, we can help you remain comfortably committed to your long-term plan even when encountering the fears of short-term market volatility.

Estate Planning

No matter how large or modest, nearly everyone has an estate and we all share the same thing in common – you can’t take it with you when you die. When that happens, you likely want to control how your assets are given to the people and organizations you care most about. Our advisors can help you create a plan and work with your other financial professionals to ensure you leave behind a legacy for the people and causes you cherish most.

Private Trust Services

Trusts are commonly the result of a well-thought out estate plan. Trusts are flexible tools that allow you to direct how your assets are managed during your life and after your death – and are not just for the wealthy. We can act as sole trustee, co-trustee or successor trustee on your trust – depending on your preference. As trustee, we accept the legal responsibility for carrying out the terms of your trust and perform some or all the following responsibilities:

  • Accounting and reporting
  • Investment management
  • Securities custody
  • Tax-related responsibilities

Corporate and Self-Employed Retirement Plans

We provide retirement plan services to companies of all sizes. We will help you design a plan that will attract, retain and reward employees, provide maximum tax benefits and align employer contributions with your goals.


  • A 401k is most commonly used by large companies given the setup costs, administration and fiduciary responsibilities. It allows both the employer and employee to contribute to employee retirement accounts. Employees can make either pre-tax or post-tax contributions often with some form of employer match.

Solo 401k

  • A Solo 401k, is for self-employed individuals without full-time employees. By allowing you to contribute as both the employer and the employee, this plan enables you (and your spouse if he or she works for you) to boost your retirement savings with higher contribution limits. Both Roth and pre-tax salary deferrals may be permitted.


  • A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) IRA is a plan completely funded by the employer. This plan benefits both the employer and employees, with tax-deductible contributions for the employer and tax-deferred growth for the employees. Flexibility over contributions makes it a good choice for businesses with varying profits.

Simple IRA

  • A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) allows both the employer and employee to contribute to employee retirement accounts with tax benefits for employer contributions and the ability for employees to make pre-tax contributions. This plan is intended for businesses with fewer than 100 employees and steady profits.

For more information on any of our services, please contact a Wealth Management & Trust Services employee or email trust@frontierbank.com and we will get you in touch with the right person. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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