Benefits of a Mobile Banking App


Today you have more computing power in your cell phone than all of NASA back in 1969 when they successfully landed two astronauts on the moon. With this crazy powerful technology literally at our fingertips, we can control so much from just the push of a button or the tap of a screen. Banking is no different, with Frontier Bank’s free Mobile Banking App you can be connected to your account anytime and from anywhere. Users are able to access their real-time Frontier Bank account balances, transfer funds between accounts, and even pay their bills.

One of the greatest functions of Frontier Bank’s Mobile Banking App is the mobile check deposit. The days of having to stop by the bank to deposit that birthday check from grandma are gone. Now with just the tap of your screen, you can take a picture of your checks and deposit them into your Frontier Bank account right from the app on your mobile device!

Not only can you deposit funds from anywhere but now you can pay your bills while on the go as well. Once enrolled in Bill Pay, users of Frontier Bank Mobile can pay any bills easily and securely from anywhere. As a bonus, users can now take a picture of their physical bill and the Frontier Bank Mobile App will upload the information for you! Saving you time and the hassle of inputting a bunch of monotonous information.

Lastly, Frontier Bank customers are now able to open new accounts right from their phones. Thinking about that next big vacation, and want to start putting funds away? You can now open a new savings account right from the Frontier Bank Mobile App. Once opened users are also able to nickname all of their accounts to help categorize their savings goals- even set up recurring transfers to keep saving without thinking about it!

The Frontier Bank Mobile App allows customers to take Frontier Bank with them wherever they go! Download the free app today and see the benefits of online banking for yourself!

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