Which Personal Savings Account is Best for You?


Last month we compared all of the perks of our different Frontier Bank checking accounts, including the BIG DEAL® Cash and Cash Back options, plus the free and interest checking accounts. Not only can you earn interest on your checking account balances, but you can also pair any of the checking accounts with a Frontier Bank saving account to earn more and save every day. Our savings accounts offer online banking, mobile banking, and mobile deposit abilities.


Our BIG DEAL® Saver account is customized to pair perfectly with either of the BIG DEAL® checking accounts. With this savings account, you can maximize your savings along with our high-interest checking accounts without any additional qualifiers. The three simple qualifications for the BIG DEAL® Cash and Cash Back checking accounts are:

  • At least 12 debit card purchases
  • At least one direct deposit or automatic payment
  • Receive eStatements

The BIG DEAL® Saver truly values you and the money you can earn from our free accounts. There is just a $50 opening deposit to get started.

Statement Savings

A Frontier Bank Statement Savings account allows you to earn a competitive interest rate while still having the flexibility to access your funds if you need them. This account is entirely free for students under 21 and all accounts with at least a $100 balance; it is savings, made effortless. To get started, bring in an opening deposit of $10.

Money Market

Our Money Market gives customers a chance to earn a competitive, tiered interest rate on balances above $500. The more you save with the money market, the more you earn without locking your money away. The funds are accessible without penalties if they are needed. There is no monthly service charge, and you only need a balance of $500 to earn interest.

Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Frontier Bank offers a variety of CDs that range from 6 to 36 months. The CDs allow your funds to grow risk-free at a fixed rate for the length of the term you have selected. You get the freedom to choose the term that best fits your goals. The interest for our CDs is tiered – meaning the more you save, the more you can earn!

Health Savings Account (HSA)

We also offer a health savings account to ease the pain of out-of-pocket medical expenses. Frontier Bank’s health savings account has a triple tax benefit. The contributions are tax-free, earnings are tax-free, and withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax-free. There is no monthly service charge, free checks, access to online banking, and the balance rolls over year to year to continue your savings.

Lil’ Pioneer Savings Club

At Frontier Bank, jumpstarting your little one’s financial success is a BIG DEAL®, so we offer the Lil’ Pioneer Savings Club for children under 13 years of age. Each Lil’ Pioneer is given a chance to learn about saving money while earning 1 Pioneer Buck for every $10 they deposit into their savings account. They can come to any Frontier Bank location to cash in their bucks for prizes at the Trade Shop.

Fun stuff is available at the Trade shop, such as games, coloring books, utensils, and more! On the 20th of every month, you get a chance to double your bucks and get 2 Pioneer Bucks for every $10 deposited. This account has no service fee, no minimum balance, and statements for the custodians to keep track of their earnings.

The Lil' Pioneer Club offers parties to earn extra bucks throughout the year, plus we stock the Trade Shop extra well for those occasions. Your Lil’ Pioneer will also receive a birthday card with a free treat! 

For more help choosing the right savings account for you, reach out to our Customer Service Representatives or head to our website to compare them side by side! Open a savings account through our website for new customers or through online banking for existing customers, and start setting aside money for your savings goals today!


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