Secure Your Child's Future with the Lil'  Pioneers Savings Club


Opening a savings account for a child is a pivotal step in teaching them the value of money, the importance of saving, and setting them on a path to financial success.
With Frontier Bank's 'Lil’ Pioneers Savings Club', parents have a unique opportunity to blend financial education with fun, ensuring their children, from birth to age 13, learn about money in an engaging and practical way.

Learn about its unique features, including competitive interest rates, educational newsletters, exclusive member parties, and the innovative Trade Shop, all designed to make saving an exciting adventure for your child.

Discover how this account directs your child towards financial wisdom and success, making them savvy savers from a young age.

Opening a Savings Account for Your Child: The First Step Towards Financial Literacy

The 'Lil’ Pioneers Savings Club' is a great way for your child to learn about money. With features like a competitive interest rate, it demonstrates to children how their savings can grow over time. Regular newsletters filled with fun activities and important dates keep the financial journey engaging and informative.

Unique Features That Set 'Lil’ Pioneers Apart

  • Competitive Interest Rates: Teach your child the growth potential of their savings.
  • Quarterly Newsletters: Educational content that's fun and engaging.
  • Exclusive Parties: Unique events that offer both fun and learning for members.
  • Birthday Surprises: Making financial education rewarding with fun birthday cards.
  • Starter Kit: A tangible way to begin their savings journey.
  • Pioneer Bucks: A reward system that teaches the value of saving.

The Trade Shop: Learning to Save for What You Want

One of the standout features of the 'Lil’ Pioneers Savings Club' is the Trade Shop. A place where children can use their Pioneer Bucks, earned through saving, to buy toys and prizes. This system not only makes saving fun but teaches children the importance of working towards their goals.

Engaging Events That Educate

Throughout the year, 'Lil’ Pioneers members enjoy exclusive access to parties and events, such as the Summer Carnival and Christmas party. These events are designed to be enjoyable for the whole family while embedding valuable lessons in financial literacy.

Begin Your Child's Financial Journey Today

The 'Lil’ Pioneers Savings Club' offers a comprehensive platform for introducing children to the basics of financial literacy, making it an excellent choice for parents looking to open a savings account for their child. A program that combines learning with fun motivates and engages your child to save from an early age. Ready to secure your child's financial literacy? Reach out to Frontier Bank today to start your child's journey with the 'Lil’ Pioneers Savings Club'.


Give any of our locations a call or visit them and join the Lil' Pioneer Savings Club today!

Shannon Lloyd, Customer Service Representative

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