Navigating the Holiday Season on a Budget


It is Christmas in the heart, that puts Christmas in the air.

The best Christmas song, according to Google anyway, is, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Sometimes time is even harder to come by than money so let’s try to come up with some ways to make the “most wonderful time of year” work for all. Give out coupons for time to spend with your loved ones.
Spend quality time with kids at the park or take Grandpa for a walk to show him something new. A special memory I have is when I took my grandma to experience a carwash for the first time. It was magical to see her face.

Here’s a twist, how about giving our time to someone less fortunate? Help at the local food pantry, give socks to the shelter, read a book to a child. Love does go a long way.

Love comes from the heart so if the cash is running low, maybe a homemade gift would fit perfectly. Everyone loves food, so stir up some magic in the kitchen. Did you get a gift that didn’t quite fit? Maybe it’s time to regift.

This could solve many gift challenges going forward. Gifts do not need to cost a fortune; repurposed something just lying around. Turn that soup can into a candle or a rock into a paperweight.

Here at Frontier Bank, we offer a Lil Pioneer Account for those under 13. Start a savings account for your kids. Add money whenever possible to help them save for the future. When depositing money in their account they will earn Pioneer Bucks to buy fun stuff from the toy chest.

Be careful this time of year using the credit cards. It can add up fast and we don’t want you to be singing “I’m Busted” in January. In January let’s start planning for 2024 Christmas. Strive to put a little money away from each pay period, it will add up in the end.

For more budget-saving tips to implement throughout the year, check out these six steps on how to build a budget and how to get your budget on track again after the holidays.


Sheila Klaassen





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