Preparing Your Finances for Summer Travel


Preparing Your Finances for Summer Travel

We all deserve a little time away to enjoy ourselves with family and to escape from the family lists of things to do and places to go. However, the costs, amount of planning, and what-ifs can be a lot more stressful. If you prepare for it before the day arrives you will be less stressed about the whole ordeal. Look no further as we talk about some great tips that can help you prepare for your summer travel.

1. Start a dedicated travel fund. It is easier to save when you have a specific destination or plan in mind. Think about where you would like to go and research how much it costs. Then develop a consistent saving plan well in advance. We currently have a BIG DEAL saver account that offers 1.05% APY.

2. Set a travel notice. Calling the bank to let us know when and where you are traveling could save you some hassle. It is a way to minimize the possibility of your financial institution flagging a charge you authorized. We will then let Shazam know and they will put an alert on your card, so you don’t have to deal with any blocked transactions.

3. Take advantage of technology. We have a mobile app that you can download to track your spending. We also recommend the Brella app which will send you alerts about when and where your card is being used.

4. Get a prepaid travel card. We also offer prepaid travel cards right here at the bank. They are very easy to use and can help with your vacation spending.

Being prepared for your trip both financially and physically can help you enjoy your time away to the fullest. Happy Travels!

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