What Is an ITM and Why Use It?


Ask almost anyone today and they can tell you what an ATM is. The First U.S. ATM was installed in 1969 and what seems today like a normal part of the financial industry was once a groundbreaking option offered to bank customers. In 2013 the next innovative version of the ATM - the ITM or Interactive Teller Machine was introduced. Soon after Frontier Bank began offering this cutting-edge technology to our customers, implementing our first ITMs in early 2015.

While the ITMs may look a lot like an ATM they offer customers so much more. ITMs provide convenience for the customer that a teller normally gives as an in-branch experience. ITMs can take care of most basic banking needs without having to get out of your car. They deliver a balance between your “traditional” ATMs and in-person banking services.

With anything new, there are often questions or reservations involved. So, let's break down what an ITM is, what it can do, and how to use one.

How is an ITM different from an ATM?

Though the ITMs function as 24/7 ATMs, they are not just cash machines. They offer customers a face-to-face personal interaction with a Frontier Bank representative using video-based interactive technology, much like Skype or Facetime. However, it is not just a simple video chat. The on-screen representative is controlling that machine and all its functions remotely, walking you through every step. This makes using the ITM super easy!

What kinds of transactions can an ITM do?

Customers can deposit checks/cash, withdraw funds from multiple accounts, transfer money, cash checks down to the penny, make loan payments, and more.

How do I use the ITM?

Simply touch the screen and a Frontier Bank representative from one of our local branches will appear to assist you with your transaction. Remember after you touch the screen the Frontier Bank representative takes over, controlling the machine's functions, and walks you through your transaction.

What hours are the ITMs be available?

ITMs are open from 7 am-7 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 9-1 at all our locations. With the ITM technology, we can expand our banking hours and serve customers on their schedule.

What are some tips for using the ITM?

  • Unlike an ATM, you do not need a debit card to conduct a transaction. The live representative can look you up by name or account number and even scan your ID if necessary.
  • The machine can accept multiple items at a time of either check or cash. It works best when the items are flat with no tears and all paperclips, staples, and rubber bands have been removed.
  • If you would like more privacy the on-screen volume can be adjusted, earphones or headsets can be plugged in, and you can use the chat messaging system on the touch screen to type a message or scan a piece of paper for the representative to read.

What are some additional perks of using an ITM?

  • Cash can be withdrawn on request in a variety of denominations including 1s, 5s, the 20s, or 50s. This means you can get your cash exactly how you want it, and withdrawals conducted this way will not affect your daily debit card withdrawal limits.
  • A live representative can help with a variety of non-transaction-based requests as well including balance inquires, ordering debit card replacements, check orders, account travel notices, and more.
  • If you are on your lunch break or pressed for time, you can typically complete your transactions in a fraction of the time at the ITM versus traditional options.
  • As people adapt to a post-Covid world, they are using technology more and more in their daily lives. ITMs are a great example of this and are on their way to becoming a standard in the Financial Industry. Stop by your local Frontier Bank branch and try one out today!


Sarah Weber
Video Banking Manager
Phone: 712-472-2537




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