5 Reasons to Choose A Community Bank


 Advantages of a Community Bank, Advantages of Frontier Bank.

You walk into a store; you see that jacket. You want that jacket! You put it on, it doesn’t fit. You try to make it fit; you suck it in, you pull the sleeves down, it still doesn’t fit. Then the clerk comes over and offers to have their seamstress come and assist. She makes a few adjustments and soon it is perfect for YOU.
Frontier Bank, your community bank is like that seamstress, we want to make things fit just right for YOU. We are flexible and can tailor a financial plan to fit YOU and YOUR needs.

1.) You may want person to person service – you get it at a community bank.
Customer Service Representatives and Lenders are available to serve your financial needs. Frontier Bank wants to know your name and your needs.

2.) You want a checking account to offer a higher than average rate of return – you get it at Frontier Bank, a community bank.
Frontier Bank’s BIG DEAL accounts offer a higher rate of return than most in the country- 45x the national average1!

3.) You want to deal with things online – you can have at Frontier Bank, your community bank.
Frontier Bank strives to stay ahead of the curve on technology. We offer:

  • Online Banking – it’s only a click away, check your balance, do a transfer and many more services available.
  • Mobile Deposit – with the click of your phone you can deposit a check if you are at home or away on vacation.
  • Bill Pay – sick of those paper cuts you get when getting those bills ready to go, use bill pay – no more stamps, envelope or wasted trips to the post office.
  • Cash Management – look at the money and time spent writing those payroll checks, no need for that, cash management allows you to send payroll directly to you employees. Need to collect rent checks, cash management can do that too.
  • ITM – what’s an ITM? It’s just like a teller helping you, wait... it is a teller helping you. Touch the screen and shazam, a human teller appears in front of you to take care of all your needs and guess what? It is available for extended hours!

4.) You want a bank that cares for your community – you got it.
Frontier Bank takes pride in the communities we serve. We give back to the communities because we understand the importance of each community. Our communities are a BIG DEAL!




Sheila Klaassen

Sheila S. Klaassen
Vice President Ag Banking

 1 Based on the national average non jumbo interest checking rate according to the FDIC weekly national rates for the week of 3/23/2020.



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